• Your Kids Guide to Ramadhan

    This year, let’s encourage our little ones to experience Ramadhan purposefully.
    The Ramadhan Kit 4 Kids is not only focused on fasting & getting that star sticker after each completed day. The Kit aims to make fasting & performing charity, fun.


What is in the Kit?


A colourful & informative poster on good practices that we are encouraged to do in Ramadhan.

Zikirs with their transliteration for the little ones to repeat throughout Ramadhan.

Put it up on a spot where they will definitely see it to help remind them daily!

Moon Chart

We have the moon chart to track the progress and shapes that the moon goes through.

Did you know that the Islamic calendar is lunar based? Each month coincides with the phases of the moon.

Have fun checking the moon out in the month of Ramadhan with our handy Moon chart!

Fasting Chart

Track the daily progress of the little ones’ fasting. Star stickers encourage them to fast continuously and keep a streak going!

(Even if they managed half a day of fasting, award them with a star to cheer them on for the next day!)

Sticker for Sadaqah Jar

Paste the sticker on a jar or tin (better if recycled!). Get the little ones to donate a part of their daily allowance into it.

At the end of the month donate the contents to the nearest mosque or a favourite charity organisation.

It’s a fun way to educate kids that charity begins at home!


At the end of Ramadhan, award the little ones with a certificate. Your kid will be proud to show off this certificate once they have completed the month. 

Be it your kid’s first Ramadhan or not, Ramadhan Kit 4 Kids aims to make the month an enriching & rewarding experience for both adult and kid.

(Keep the certificate to motivate a better result next year!)


Peter Gould

Love this Ramadhan Kit for kids!

Seri Wahyuni Jaes

Ramadhan Kit 4 Kids – Great idea for gifts esp for kids celebrating birthdays this month or next month… 🙂

Sharon Ismail

The girls are observing Ramadhan with a new companion. It’s got a star system for every day fasted, and charts for zikir and moon sightings during the month.Now we are looking for a sadaqah jar (so we can stick on the sadaqah sticker!) to collect donations till the end of the month. Sarah wants to […]

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